Eco Team

At Whybridge we can... empower children to raise environmental awareness and lead change and make a difference.

We have a child-led Eco Team who involve the whole school to make small changes. We have a total of 12 members made up of 2 members from each key stage one class.

Our aims are to:

• Make a difference
• Make changes
• Produce less waste and save money
• Understand the impact on our environment

We currently meet at least twice each half term. The Eco team have completed an environmental review and discussed creative ways to make changes for improvement. As a team we are focusing in on 3 areas:

• Waste – we aim to reduce waste and recycle
• Marine – understanding the impact on Oceans and seas
• Water – how we can be more responsible and save water

The Eco team are responsible for role modelling and involving the whole school to:

• Compost snack waste
• Turn taps off
• Turn lights off
• Recycle paper
• Reuse paper
• Recycle crisp packets

Staff are also involved and supporting the Eco team by:

• Recycling batteries
• Recycling toners from the photocopier
• Composting tea bags

As members of Whybridge Infant School we want to do as much as we can to help make a difference to our planet.

Our future ideas involve:

• Planning a visit to RSPB reserve to find out more about pollution and the effects this has
• Investing in self-stopping taps in all classroom sinks
• Investing in LED lights for all classrooms
• Reminding staff to turn off lights, computer screens and interactive boards when not in use
• Reduce the amount of photocopying
• Ensure cleaning products are environmentally friendly
• Ban single-use plastic