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Download our School Brochure, the Aims of our School, Getting Ready for School: a Parents' Guide, an Equality Policy and our Inclusion and Special Educational Needs Policy.

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Whybridge Infant School is a two form entry to school admitting 60 children in each year group. To apply for a place at the school please contact the schools admission team on 01708 434600. All admissions to the school are through the Borough.


Download a copy of the school's Attendance Policy below (includes Holiday Request Form):


Download a copy of the school's Child Protection Policy below:

Download a copy of the school's Online Safety Policy below:

Download a copy of the school's Pupil E-Safety Code below:


Entry to school is supervised each morning by the Welfare and Admin/Finance Assistant, who is on duty at 8.45am to open the pupil doors and welcome the children into school. The door is locked at 9.00 am. Entry after this time is through the school's main reception door which has an entry phone system. If you are unable to personally meet your child at the end of the day please notify us of your authorised substitute.


The Local Education Authority has developed formal procedures for complaints about the curriculum and collective worship as follows:

Stage 1: Informal stage - discussion with class teacher.
Stage 2: Discussion with the Head Teacher
Stage 3: First formal stage (if not resolved through stages 1 & 2) to the governing body.
Stage 4: Second formal stage (if not resolved through previous stages) - in writing to the Chief Inspector.


A copy of the Whybridge Infant School Disability Equality Scheme / Accessibility Plan 2016 - 2019 is available to download below:


We expect everyone, children and adults alike, to contribute to making our school a happy caring community where everyone gives his/her best. Our aim is to teach children to choose responsible behaviour and in so doing to encourage self-discipline and to raise their self-esteem.

Our behaviour management programme is based on consistency. Children are taught simple rules, are rewarded for adhering to them, and face known consequences for disregarding them. When it is necessary to devise behaviour plans for individual children the Head Teacher will ensure parents are fully involved in the process.

The ethos of the school is that control should be based on good personal and professional relationships between the staff and children. However, circumstances may arise in which staff have to use reasonable force to control or restrain children. Members of staff will only use reasonable force to control or restrain children when all other alternatives have been or cannot be tried. These alternatives are outlined in the school’s policy on discipline which parents can download below:

Behaviour Policy PDF


Please contact us if you would like to see:

1. Policy statements.
2. Schemes of work.
3. The school's Ofsted reports 2006 and 2009.
4. The LEA'S agreed syllabus for Religious Education.


All schools have a duty to work to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination and to promote equal opportunities and good race relations. We aim to ensure that all children have full access to the curriculum regardless of race, creed or gender. Appropriate individual and group programmes of work are planned according to the abilities and needs of children.


We strive to provide a happy, safe and caring environment where children can form positive relationships, develop independence and responsibility and take pride in their achievements.


For reasons of health and safety jewellery is not allowed. A watch may be worn by children.


You can download information on the school's Policy on English below:


The Equality Act 2010 and the Equality Act 2010 (specific duties) Regulations 2011 requires schools to consider the needs of all individuals. At Whybridge Infant School we endeavour to do all we can to ensure equal opportunities for all and that nobody in the school community is discriminated against.

Our current main objectives are:
1. To strive to narrow the gap between disadvantages pupils and non -disadvantaged.
2. To strive to narrow the gap in performance for pupils with SEND and non-SEND.
3. To strive to narrow the gap in the performance of boys in writing compared to girls.


We firmly believe that the strength of the links between home and school have an impact on your child's development. As a result of this we try to provide a number of ways for contact between us. A number of these are listed here:

ParentMail: The school uses ParentMail, a system whereby all letters and communication are emailed to parents either at work, home or both. Please complete the form to register for ParentMail by contacting the school office.

Curriculum Meetings: At the beginning of each term you will receive details of the curriculum for the next school period. You will also be invited to attend meetings at the school when aspects of the curriculum are discussed.

Helping your child at home: Reading books are sent home with a home/school reading booklet in which you can comment. Please use these books as a means of communication between yourself and school for any other purpose. Homework is set on a weekly basis.

Open Evenings: These are held during each school term and you will be invited to discuss your child's progress with your child's teacher. We strongly urge you to take advantage of these opportunities.

Class Assemblies: Each year your child's class leads an assembly. You are more than welcome to attend and see your child's class perform – an extremely popular event with parents/relatives.

Helping in School: Parental help in school enables children to be supported individually and in small groups. Any parents wishing to help should contact the school office.

Parents Group: There is a group of parents who work to support the school with various fund raising events, please contact the school office for further information. Further information regarding school events can be found on this website.


Please ensure ALL items of clothing/footwear are clearly marked with your child's name. All unclaimed unmarked items are placed in 'Lost Property' situated in the hall. This is emptied on a termly basis.


The school serves a healthy menu all meals are cooked on the premises by Havering Catering Services. The kitchen supervisor sells lunch tickets on Monday mornings from 8.40am to 8.55am in the school foyer. Tickets can also be ordered over the telephone by calling 01708 433 119, with payment made via debit card.

Parents are requested to write their child's name on the tickets and send one in whenever a school lunch is required. A drink can be purchased for an additional cost when purchasing lunch tickets.

A colour band system is in operation whereby meals on the menu which is sent home in advance are colour coded so parents can discuss which colour meal their child would like. This system ensures children always get their choice of food as the meals are cooked to order.

You download the lunch menu below:

Children going home for lunch should be collected at 12 noon and returned between 1.00pm and 1.15pm.


Milk can be ordered for your child to drink during the morning session. Payment is required at the beginning of each term. As an alternative water is always available.

Milk can be ordered by logging in to www.coolmilk.com.

N.B. Children in families receiving Income Support or Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance are entitled to free milk (and school meals). Relevant forms are available from the school office.

Fruit is offered to all children daily, children may bring in a plastic bottle of still water to drink during lesson time in a labeled bottle. Bottles are available for purchase from the school office.


We care for children on an individual basis to help them enjoy being a member of the school community. Our Finance/Admin Assistant is a trained first-aider and available to administer first aid and comfort when necessary.

You will be notified if your child is unwell or has an accident. Therefore it is very important that we are informed of any changes in home/work telephone numbers and emergency contact numbers.

Medicines may not be given by school staff, but parents can arrange to come in and administer medicine to their child. However, asthma related equipment can be kept in the medical room and the welfare assistant will assist a child when necessary.

The school nurse comes into school regularly and can offer parents advice about common childhood illnesses and the treatment of head lice.


The Law states that education provided during school hours must be free of charge. In order that school activities can take place schools may ask parents to make voluntary contributions towards any aspect of the school's work e.g. visits.

However, no child may be left out of an activity because parents are not able or do not wish to make a contribution.

For full details on the school's policy of charging for school activities, please download the document below:

Charging PDF

PUPIL PREMIUM 2017-18 / 18-19

Download information about the Pupil Premium for 2017-18 / 18-19 below:

SPORTS PREMIUM 2017-18 / 18-19

Download information about the Sports Premium for 2017-18 / 18-19 below:


For full details on the school's English policy incorporating reading and phonics, please download the document below:


Wearing of uniform is strongly encouraged. To find out how to order our school uniform, click here:



Test results can be viewed in the document below:

Early Years

Key Stage 1


You can download the school's British Values Statement below:


You can download the school's Waiting List Form below:

School Brochure

Download below a copy of the school's brochure:

The Aims of our School

Download below a copy of Whybridge's 10 Aims:

Getting Ready for School: a Parents' Guide

Parents naturally welcome advice on helping their children prepare for school. Below is some useful information on preparing your child for their time at Whybridge.

Equality Policy

We consider all learners and their parents/carers to be of equal value, irrespective of disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion/beliefs and sexual orientation. For more information about our values, please download our Equality Policy below:

Inclusion and Special Educational Needs Policy

For more information, please download our Inclusion and Special Educational Needs Policy below: