Here you can find a full list of everybody who works at our school...

...and what they do!

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Head Teacher   Mr I.R. Bakmann-Madsen

Deputy Head Teacher   Miss S. Longhurst

Senior Teacher   Mrs S. Harvey

Senior Teacher   Miss T. Wilson

Teacher   Miss F. Ingram

Teacher   Mr Goldsmith

Teacher   Mrs J Fielding

Teacher   Miss S Tilbury

Inclusion Manager   Miss S. Polden

School Business Manager   Mrs A. Giles

Admin. & Finance Assistant   Mrs C. Leech

HLTA   Mrs C. Ridpath

Teaching Assistant   Mr D. Wilson

Teaching Assistant   Mrs D. Davies

Teaching Assistant   Mrs J. Curtis

Teaching Assistant   Mrs J. Cann

Teaching Assistant   Miss Havard

Teaching Assistant   Miss Alford

Teaching Assistant   Mrs A. Greenhill

Mid-day Assistant   Mrs A. Greenhill

Mid-day Assistant   Mrs D. Douglas

Mid-day Assistant   Miss Sheppard

Mid-day Assistant   Mrs D. Cannon

Mid-day Assistant   Mrs Miller

Mid-day Assistant   Miss Watkins

Mid-day Assistant   Mrs H Perkins

Site Manager   Mr A. Lynch

Cleaner   Mrs P. Fitch

Cleaner   Mrs P. Passmore


You can download full information about the governing body of Whybridge Infant School below: