A Welcome from the Chair of Governors

We are pleased to bring you a message of welcome from Whybridge's Chair of Governors.

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Welcome to the Whybridge Infant School web pages. As you will have seen, Whybridge Infants has beautiful grounds. Entering the grounds through the mature lawn and flowerbeds, the mood is properly set for good experiences. As good as that is, much more important are the grounds to the rear. There the children have wonderful learning opportunities with the activity-based frames and the carefully created sports areas. Sport is important: so too are the restful sitting areas, complete with yet more flowers. Even the walls are actively used to promote learning of all kinds. The children have obvious, and not so obvious, props to their learning.

The grounds are only part of the promotion of learning. They set the atmosphere of the school. The classrooms are hugely important to the children as they spend so much of their time in them. We have a continuous maintenance programme on all the classrooms. They are equipped with the latest interactive whiteboards, so that every child has early exposure to the internet as a learning tool. As wonderful as IT is, the really important feature of a child’s learning experience is the quality of the teaching. Whybridge Infants has a very strong team of teachers, complete with teacher assistants in every classroom.

As a consequence, I can confidently say that the children have a total learning experience, from the moment that they enter the school to when they leave. Children at Whybridge want to come to school. They have a safe, friendly, happy life there, where they can achieve their very best.