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- - - COVID-19 - - -

Links to the latest national and local guidance for the pandemic can be found below.


Whenever the school is open during the pandemic there are some changes to policies and the day to day operations, such as comprehensive risk assessments, cleaning regimes and very specific arrival times and procedures for entering/ exiting site.  Bubbles of children and staff mean that positive tested cases can be isolated without having to close the entire school.


Test Results & Positive Cases


  • If your child has a test result that is positive please contact the school immediately.  If the school is closed for example at weekends please send an email to the school office (using the link below) which is checked periodically for positive test result notifications.  Please also report negative notifications to us.
  • If a positive test is reported in your child's own bubble (class) we will inform those parents by email if the bubble needs to close and isolate for the relevant period of time (based on last known contact/ symptoms/ test date etc) according to national guidance.  The child or staff member will not be named.

Current Bubble Closures and Return Dates


Class BubbleOpen/ Closure PeriodSelf-Isolation Period
YR - OakOpen

Not isolating

YR - ElmClosed until end of termIsolating - Return to public on Sat 24th July
YR - Fir

Open (6 named children must isolate

until end of term)

Not isolating (6 named children isolating

can return to public on Sat 24th July)

Y1 - WillowOpenNot isolating
Y1 - BirchOpenNot isolating
Y1 - CherryOpenNot isolating
Y2 - MapleOpenNot isolating
Y2 - JuniperClosed until end of termIsolating - Return to public on Sat 24th July
Y2 - Sycamore


Not isolating


Remote Learning Provision (Home Learning Arrangements)

The following pages of our website contain links to general and specialist online home learning resources. The log-in page contains resources and tasks specifically set up by our school.  If your child needs to access this page you will be provided with the log-in details - ask the office if you are not sure.

Lost Learning & Catch-Up Plans


You can see our plan for tackling lost learning as a result of the pandemic on the policies page under the key information menu.  This includes our use of the catch-up premium funding issued by the government.

Arrangements for Free School Meals Provision at Home


Free Infant Meals - the school is only required to provide these to pupils who are in school on any given day.  Pupils at home during lock-down are ineligible to receive free infant meals.  The school will provide:

  • a meal if your child is in school (unless you choose to provide your own lunch for that day)


Free School Meals - this is the benefit related free meals.  Schools are required to provide these to all eligible pupils during a lock-down in term time.  Therefore the school will provide to these pupils either:

  • a meal if your child is in school (unless you choose to provide your own lunch for that day);
  • a food parcel if your child is not in school and you have chosen this option;
  • national food vouchers to spend in supermarkets if your child is not in school and you have chosen this option (£3 per eligible child, per school day = £15 total per week).  If you choose this option please watch the video guide linked here for how to redeem your vouchers.
We have partnered with the Junior School where we have families whose children attend both schools.  In this situation only one of the schools will make the necessary arrangements for your family.  Check with us if you are not sure which school is providing your free school meals.  Thank you.