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Admissions & Transfers

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The Admissions Process


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Admissions in to and transfers out of our school (and all local schools) are managed by the local authority.  You must apply through them if you would like your child to attend our school.  This includes children who currently attend Little Rascals pre-school.  There is no automatic transfer of pupils from Little Rascals into Whybridge Infants.  When your child is in Year 2 you must apply for a Junior school.  There is no automatic transfer from Whybridge Infants to Whybridge Juniors.  We are bound by the local authority's policy for admissions.


Applications open in September and the deadline for applications to Reception (Infants) or Year 3 (juniors) in September is usually MID-JANUARY.  Click below to find the local authority's pages on admissions including the official deadline date for this year.  Their contact number is 01708-434600

If your child is offered a place at our school by the local authority they will inform us within one week of notifying you.  We will then make contact with you to arrange a pre-visit for the completion of paperwork and to meet your child for the first time  (note that we will contact you within one week of your place being offered).  We will issue you with information about the school in a welcome pack and verify your identity and address.  You will need to bring your child's full birth certificate (not the short version) and proof of address for yourself (i.e. a phone bill/ driver's licence etc).  If your child's birth was registered in havering you can request a copy of their full birth certificate here: