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End of year - summer holiday transition tips

WOW!  A whole year has passed - where did that time go? It's time for your child to move up to the next class, here are some hints and tips to get your child ready:

  • Talk to your child about how they are growing up and that this is an exciting time for them (do this little and often rather than sitting down for a 'big talk').
  • If your child had difficulties last year talk about how this is an opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings
  • Make sure your child is in school on our 'meet the teacher day' so that they get to meet their new teacher and see their new classroom with their friends, and ask them about it at the end of the day.
  • Talk about the new things your child will gain, rather than anything they may be losing.  Try to avoid giving your child extra worries like "you will have to work much harder next year"
  • Remember to encourage reading over the summer holidays and complete any transition activities that have been set
  • Make sure your child tries on their uniform a week or two before September so that you have time to get new items if your child has grown out of their old ones
  • Try to keep in touch with school friends or other children over the summer
  • Have a look at our curriculum overviews and key dates so that you know what your child will be learning next year
  • Make an appointment to talk to the new teacher if you think your child has particular needs or you have any concerns