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Meals & Snacks

(!) Allergies & Intolerances - Banned Foods (!)

Please note that we have pupils and staff in school with SEVERE allergies and intolerances.  Therefore the following is a list of current items that must not be provided in lunch boxes, bags or on the premises at any time please.  Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to keep all members of our community safe and well.

  • Nuts and nut-based products (we are a nut-free school) including peanut butter
  • Chocolate Spreads (such as nutella)
  • Chocolate bars
  • Sweets
  • Fizzy drinks


If your child has special medical needs relating to food and diet please contact our SENCO, or the school office as per the contacts page under the key information menu.  Our school catering service can provide nutritional information and ingredient lists for all school meals.

Mid-morning Snacks, Drinks and Milk

It is a well known fact that hunger and thirst impair concentration and are not conducive to learning.  Therefore we encourage all pupils to have a healthy mid-morning snack (such as a piece of fruit).  Sweets are not good for this as the high added sugar content creates a short burst of energy that is not sustained throughout the day.  Please pay careful attention not to send any of the banned foods above.  Thank you.


Fresh drinking water is available all day every day to all pupils as a minimum statutory health and safety requirement


You can register for milk to be ordered and provided to your child in school via the coolmilk website linked here:

(this is a charged service, however under fives are entitled to free milk which is also provided via coolmilk)

Lunchtime Catering Service

We have a duty to provide free meals to all our pupils (either as free infant meals or as free school meals - more information is available lower down on this page).  We do this through the Havering Education Catering Service who provide nutritional and hearty meals prepared on site.  A link to their website and the menu they provide in our school is listed below (please make sure that you are looking at the correct week in the rota).

Home or Packed Lunches

Of course, if you do not wish to take up the catering service offered and would instead prefer to supply your own lunch for your child you are more than welcome to do so.  Packed lunches should be brought in a named, sealed box/ bag at the beginning of the day with everything that your child needs to eat the food you have included (e.g. cutlery, straws etc.)  You should also try to ensure that you child is able to open packets unaided etc - as it is a far more enjoyable experience for them if they are independent in their own needs.  We will of course help them if they ask us or we notice that they are struggling.  Please pay careful attention to the banned foods above, and the nutritional balance in the lunch you provide as we are a 'healthy school' and encourage healthy eating habits (advice and suggestions can be found on the websites below).  Thank you.


If you wish to take your child home in order to give them a cooked lunch you may do this but you must ensure that they are collected and returned within the lunchtime period in order to ensure that they do not miss any of their education or attendance marks.  We would not recommend this option regularly as it can be disruptive, time-pressured and removes an opportunity for them to engage in social dining and play with their friends.


Further support and advice, tips and suggestions can be found here:

Free Infant Meals vs Free School Meals - Have You Applied Yet?!

All our pupils are entitled to Free Infant Meals - meaning that they can have a free lunch whenever they are in school.  This is a universal service (meaning it is for all) but ends when your child leaves infants, has no additional benefits and is a different service from 'Free School Meals' (below).


Some pupils are entitled to Free School Meals (FSM) - this is a service which continues after they have left infants and is means tested.  For pupils who are eligible they will still receive a free lunch in school every day but will also receive a free lunch beyond infants and may also be entitled to additional services because they are a FSM child.  These pupils also generate extra funding for our school as a whole.  This is because the government believe that pupils who have qualified for FSM will require additional input at school through its overall provision.  This extra funding is called the pupil premium grant and is not funding specifically related to any individual child.  It is used for the school to supplement the services it provides as a whole.


The link below lists the eligibility criteria for FSM and includes the online application form for pupils who live in Havering:

If your child lives outside Havering click the link below to find details of your own local authority Free School Meals application process: