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There is a link at the bottom of the home page to our lunch menu on the catering website

Free Infant Meals


All our pupils are entitled to Free Infant Meals - meaning that they will be given a free lunch whenever they are in school.  This is a universal service (meaning it is for all) but ends when your child leaves infants, has no additional benefits and is a different service from 'Free School Meals' (below).  Of course pupils are welcome to bring in a packed lunch from home if they would prefer.


Free School Meals


Some pupils are entitled to Free School Meals - this is a service which continues after they have left infants and is means tested.  For pupils who are eligible they will still receive a free lunch in infant school every day and beyond infants but may also be entitled to additional benefits and these pupils generate extra funding for our school as a whole.  This is because the government believe that pupils who have qualified for Free School Meals will require additional input at school through the curriculum and services provided to all it's pupils.  This extra funding is called the pupil premium grant and is not funding specifically related to any individual child.  It is used for the school to supplement the services it provides as a whole.


The link below lists the eligibility criteria for free schools meals and includes the online application form for pupils who live in Havering:

If your child lives outside Havering click the link below to find details of your own local authority Free School Meals application process: