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New Starter Documents & Pre-Employment Checks

If you are successful at interview, you will need to compete the following steps before we can employ you.  The first steps can be done from home, but please read all steps carefully so that you know what is needed at every stage.  Without all of these steps in place we would be unable to employ you.  Thank you

Step 1:  Inform and Check the details of your Professional References

As soon as possible you should advise your referees to expect an email from Whybridge Infant School and ask them to respond as soon as possible so as not to delay your start date.  Your referees should both have known you professionally, rather than a family member or friend and an email address is preferred.  They should be the most appropriate person in the organisation (for schools this is nearly always the Head Teacher).  Please contact us if you need to change your reference details in light of this.

Step 2:  Start Your Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Application

This will check your name against criminal records, the child workforce prohibition list, and could lead to overseas criminal records checks if you have lived/ worked abroad.  Click the link below and enter the log-in details we send you.  Make sure you note down the documents they tell you to bring for verification at the end.

Step 3: Start Your Medical Check

Click the link below and enter the log-in details we send you.  This may lead to an appointment with our occupational health team or a risk assessment.

Step 4: Complete your New Starter Form (email it to the office or print and bring with you)

We Will Send You an Appointment for the Next Steps...

Step 5:  Verify Your ID with us in person

We will contact you once you have completed the above steps.  You will need to bring at least three doucments which between them confirm:

  • Photographic ID (such as a passport, driving license etc)
  • Evidence of your current official full name on an official document (passport, drivers license, marriage certificate, deed poll etc.)
  • Evidence of your DOB on an official document (such as a birth certificate, passport, driver license)
  • Evidence of your address on a trusted document in your name (such as a driving license, utility bill or bank statement in the last three months, recent government letter)
  • Evidence of your National Insurance Number on an official government document (not a payslip)

Step 6:  Verify Your Right to Work in the UK with us in person

We will use the government checker below to verify this with you.  You may wish to do this at home first so that you know what questions you will be asked and what documents we will need to see.

Step 7:  Verify Your Criminal Records Check with us in person

We will need to see the documents you were told to bring when you started this check.  We need to see the original documents (not copies) in person at the appointment we give you.


You will then receive your certificate in the post to your home address.  Once you have received it you must bring the original certificate in for us to see before you can start work.

Step 8:  Verify Your Professional Qualifications and Professional Record with us in person

You will need to bring any documentary evidence of qualifications required for the role (if any) such as certificates and transcripts

If you are a teacher you will need to provide evidence of your teacher registration number

We will carry out teacher prohibition and management prohibition checks as appropriate to the role.