Infant School

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Policies, Plans & Statements

Policies give a framework and remit within which the school runs and operates.  They provide clarity of process and consistency for all to know and understand procedures, systems and routines.  Some policies are statutory and exist to ensure accountability.  Some require a specific body to approve them such as the Governing Board or Local Authority.  You will find all of our school's published policies listed below.


Plans form part of a strategy and are a vision for the future, listing intentions for the coming year/s (whilst still working within all relevant policies) they often contain a schedule of specific tasks and actions to be carried out along with deadlines and methods for measuring outcomes and resourcing requirements.


Statements explain the school's current position at a specific given point in time, in terms of its provision in a specific strategy and the progress made so far against any relevant plans in that strategy.  Often a plan at the beginning of the year leads to a corresponding statement at the end of the year - which in turn informs the next year's plan in a recurring cycle.  For this reason sometimes statements and plans are combined in a single document.  You will find all of the schools plans and statements below.