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School Lunches & Cooked Dinners

Packed Lunches


The school provides a catering service for lunches (see below), however if you do not wish to take up the catering service and would instead prefer to supply your own lunch for your child you are more than welcome to do so.  Packed lunches should be brought in a named, sealed box/ bag at the beginning of the day with everything that your child needs to eat the food you have included (e.g. cutlery, straws etc.)  You should also try to ensure that you child is able to open packets unaided etc - as it is a far more enjoyable experience for them if they are independent in their own needs.  We will of course help them if they ask us or we notice that they are struggling.  Please pay careful attention to the banned foods on the previous page, and the nutritional balance in the lunch you provide as we are a 'healthy school' and encourage healthy eating habits (advice and suggestions can be found on the websites below).

Home Lunches & Dinners


If you wish to take your child home in order to give them a cooked lunch you may do this but you must ensure that they are collected and returned within the lunchtime period in order to ensure that they do not miss any of their education or attendance marks.  We would not recommend this option regularly as it can be disruptive, time-pressured and removes an opportunity for them to engage in social dining and play with their friends.  We have included links for healthy dinners and lunches:

School Catering Lunches


If you wish, your child may have a meal prepared in school.  We use HES Catering to provide this service as either:

  • Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) - a free lunch for any infant child in school
  • Free School Meals (FSM) - free lunches every day and beyond infants PLUS additional benefits! This service must be applied for (see previous page) based on family benefits/ household income

The HES Catering website and menu for our school with allergen information is linked here (please make sure that you are looking at the correct week in the rota):