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Staff Recruitment

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Benefits of Working Here


  • A small friendly school, giving something back to your local community and future generations
  • Union negotiated pay scales, increments, terms and conditions (outer London weighting)
  • Unrivaled local government/ teacher pension scheme
  • School holidays at home
  • Free access to an Employee Assistance Programme (24/7 counselling, financial and legal advice) to support your wellbeing
  • Discounted membership of Havering local authority leisure centres and classes
  • Discounted membership of private healthcare and free access to occupational health self-referrals
  • Access to an employee reward scheme (with over 3000 savings, discounts and vouchers)
  • Tax savings on the cycle to work scheme
  • Opportunities for Continuing Professional Development

Safer Recruitment (Employment vetting and safeguarding checks)


Safer recruitment is about ensuring that employment law is met, that good practices are in place for ensuring that the most appropriate person is chosen to fill any vacant positions and to safeguard our pupils.  This includes the checks and vetting processes listed below.  Certain staff in school have received safer recruitment training and there is always a trained person on every interview panel.  Interviews are always carried out and for some positions there may be tasks required at interview stage to help us find the most capable person.


As a school and because of our work with children we are exempt from the rehabilitation of offenders act that governs most employers recruitment processes to avoid unfair discrimination against spent offences.  We ensure that every member of staff is thoroughly vetted prior to starting work and rechecks are undertaken regularly.  The checks we undertake are:

  • Photo ID, name, address, date of birth
  • Evidence of right to work in the UK
  • Enhanced criminal record and overseas check with children's workforce prohibitions (via the Disclosure and Barring Service - DBS)
  • Two references - including one employer reference
  • Evidence of any required qualifications
  • Medical assessment to ensure it you are fit and well enough to perform the role or any reasonable adjustments that may be required
  • Teacher record check to ensure qualification and no sanctions or prohibitions where relevant
  • Section 128 management sanctions or prohibitions where relevant


Supervision, risk assessments and probationary periods and re-checks are also used as tools to ensure staff are appropriately engaged at the school.


If you are successful at interview you will be invited to click the link at the bottom of this page and start completing your pre-employment checks and paperwork:

Your Application


We only accept official applications against an advertised post on the jobs go public website (linked at the bottom of this page).  We can not accept CVs or general emails asking for a job.  This is in the interest of fairness and transparency.  If you see an advertised job that interests you and you think you are capable of performing the role here are some useful tips for completing the application:


  • Find out as much about the school and the role before applying (the advert sumarises the job description and gives brief information about the school).  Doing this will help you to:
    • know if the job is a good fit for you and worth applying
    • better understand what the school is looking for and what you need to put in your application
  • Start completing the application carefully, make sure that you have read each question properly and have answered what it is actually asking
  • Give yourself enough time to complete the application and submit it without rushing (JobsGoPublic allows you to save the application part way through and return to it at a later point)
  • Refer back to the advert and ensure that any personal statement gives evidence of how you have met each of the points on the person specification (evidence means giving real examples).  You don't need to have done everything in the role before, but you do need to be the right kind of person, capable of performing the role - this is why a person specification is listed after the job description.
  • Re-read and double check your application for errors, or to ensure that you have not missed something important.  Perhaps you have repeated yourself and you could make it clearer for us to read by consolidating or re-organsing your points.  Ask a friend to double check it.
  • Submit your application before the deadline closes and then relax.  Once it is finally submitted try not to keep thinking about it - you have done your best.  Waiting is often the hardest part.

Your Interview


Interviews are carried out for all positions in the school and you should ensure that you are ready.  There may be a task or preparation involved so please read your invitation letter carefully.  Try not to be too nervous, we simply want to find the right person for the job, we are not trying to trick you or catch you out, so don't be afraid to ask us to repeat or rephrase a question if you don't quite understand what we are asking.  If you think for some reason you might be late phone ahead as we may be able to rearrange.  If you need assistance in attending your interview (for example because of a disability) simply contact the school and we will be happy to help where we can.


  • Read your letter carefully and follow the instructions
  • Ask a friend to help you prepare by thinking about the kind of questions we might ask and the kind of things you would like to say:
    • think about the role itself - what will we need know about you?
    • think about your experience - what would you like us to know about you if we don't ask? (there will be an opportunity at the end of the interview to tell us)
    • what else would you like to know about the school and the job? (there will be an opportunity at the end of the interview to ask us)
  • Get a good night's sleep the night before
  • Check your route and any travel disruptions (aim to be slightly early so that you are not rushing or worried)
  • Leave in plenty of time and bring your invitation with you (it will have the school telephone number on it if you are delayed or can not find us!)  Maybe you might like to print the contact and find us page under the key information menu or have it bookmarked on your mobile device.

Remote Interviews:

Where the need arises (for example during the COVID19 pandemic) we will undertake interviews by video link using Zoom.  Please click below and ensure that you are familiar with how to use zoom if you are offered an interview.  It is useful to have trial run with a friend.  Thank you.

Staff Vacancies


Where vacancies arise they will be advertised on the Jobs Go Public website.  All applications must be submitted through the Jobs Go Public website listed here (we do not accept applications or CVs submitted in any other way):