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What our families say about us

2020 Family Survey Comments


Child - We learn a lot.

Child - Everyone is very friendly!

Child - It is very fun!

Child - I like to play with my friends.

Child - I love maths.

Child - I love extra play.

Child - I like learning in class because we like to learn.

Child - My brother says it's the best school.

Child - I have lots of friends.

Child - They teach us how to learn.

Child - I can play, learn with Miss --- and do my independent job.

Child - Lunch is always nice.

Child - The teachers care and are always passionate.

Child - I love doing my homework.

Child - They have fun toys.


Adult - The staff are always friendly and approachable.

Adult - Mrs --- always has a friendly welcoming smile that makes you feel comfortable.

Adult - We love WI because of the teachers.

Adult - WIS is the best school with the kindest and most supportive teachers.  What a great team!

Adult - There are always lots of activities and events.

Adult - The teachers are nice and friendly.

Adult - Fantastic teachers and lovely work.

Adult - The teachers are always kind.

Adult - The staff are friendly and supportive and always make you feel accepted and comfortable.  Any issue is sorted quickly and professionally.  The kids love W too!

Adult - The teachers are lovely and careful - also respectful.

Adult - Fantastic teachers and staff.  Children are progressing well.  Love how bad behaviour/ bullying is handled.

Adult - Good teachers and always nice and friendly atmosphere.

Adult - It's the most friendly school.

Adult - All staff know and care about all pupils.  My children run in happily every day and talk about their teachers and friends positively.

Adult - There are really good teachers.

Adult - A lovely school all round.

Adult - Amazing school, amazing teachers!

Adult - The teachers are fantastic, the support offered to the children is amazing.  Thank you so much for everything you do.

Adult - It has some very understanding teachers and staff members here.

Adult - The environment is very friendly and all the teachers are.

Adult - My daughter is well taught and is safe at school.

Adult - Really happy with the school, lovely staff, love the teachers greeting the children at the door in the morning.

Adult - Everyone is kind in school.

Adult - I JUST LOVE IT!!!

Adult - All the staff are approachable and listen when issues are brought up.

Adult - The teachers are brilliant and the pupils are well behaved and friendly.

Adult - Because teachers are friendly and supportive, children are kind.