Infant School

'Learning together to make a difference'

Year Groups & Classes

We have three year groups with three classes in each year group.  Each year group is led by a senior teacher.  Each class has their own teacher, teaching assistant and midday assistant.  Sometimes the whole year group will do activities together, such as trips and celebrations.  Sometimes the entire school does activities together, such as assemblies, special visitors and  big events.  Smaller groups are also used for developing and extending pupils' learning.


Reception Year (pupils aged 4-5 years old)  Leader: Mrs Harvey

  • Oak Class - Mr Goldsmith - Mrs Bissett
  • Elm Class
  • Fir Class


Year 1 (pupils aged 5-6 years old)  Leader: Mrs Brown

  • Willow Class
  • Cherry Class
  • Birch Class


Year 2 (pupils aged 6-7 years old)  Leader: Miss Tilbury

  • Maple Class
  • Sycamore Class
  • Juniper Class