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Chair of Governors & Clerk to the Board

When Should I Contact the Chair of Governors?


  • To find out more about the work of the governing body and the process for becoming a governor.
  • To escalate an existing complaint above the level of the head teacher, having first exhausted all previous stages of the complaints procedure (the chair of governors will not hear a complaint that has not gone through the other relevant stages first)  Check the policy page for the Complaints Policy.
  • To appeal (as the parent/ guardian) against a decision to exclude a pupil.
  • To appeal (as the staff member) against a decision to dismiss/ suspend/ refuse pay increment.
  • To compliment or complain about the head teacher
  • To compliment or complain about the governing body itself, its committees or its members.

Contact our Chair: Mr Wheeler

Please leave your name, email address, any other contact details and a brief message for the chair of governors to get back to you. Thank you. The Chair of Governors is unpaid and only responds to certain queries within their remit. In nearly all cases you should contact the Headteacher via the school office before contacting the chair of governors. It is rare that you would need to contact the chair as your first point of contact. Please check relevant policies to find out if you should contact the chair first. You may find a quicker response by contacting the clerk, lower down, instead (who is professionally engaged, rather than being a volunteer).