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Friends & Fundraising

In addition to the public funds issued to schools by government and the local authority, the school may privately raise funds to supplement its income to provide greater resources to its pupils.  This is particularly important in years where government funding for schools is low.


The private funds (aka 'The School Fund') is significantly smaller than the funds issued publically and are often managed by a PTA or friends groups affiliated to the school.  Any charity fundraising goes through the School Fund and here at Whybridge we hold many events throughout the school year, such as sales and sponsored or ticketed events to help raise much needed extra money for the resources and treats our pupils have come to expect and which we know greatly enhances their experience of school at such an early age, which we believe is fundamental to giving our pupils the right start to their education.  Parents and 'friends' of the school are very warmly welcomed when they offer to help us with this important fund raising.  If you would like to help please contact the school office for details.  Thank you.


We also fund raise for certain charities from time to time in the same way and any money raised at these events is given directly to the charity unless it is a joint fundraising event in which the proceeds are split between us and the charity.


To see some of our recent fundraising events visit our news and photos page here: