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Support Services

For many families, the most challenging time in their lives is when they have dependents under the age of 18.  These difficulties can include:

  • low income and benefits in affording basic essentials such as housing, clothing, or food
  • making choices about/ supporting your child's educational development
  • accessing health or disability services
  • accessing mental health services
  • transport, access and attendance issues
  • English as an additional language/ translation requirements
  • parenting, managing behaviour and emotional support
  • legal advice and assistance around employment or your statutory rights

This page contains support for when the challenges you face are affecting your child's development and education as well as more general advice for the common difficulties families face, such as setting and managing budgets on low income for example.

School Based Support

External Support Agencies & Advice

Family Behaviours, Habits, Relationships, Violence & Change

Housing & Homelessness

Money Matters - Budgeting, Grants & Poverty

Wellbeing & Mental Health


a listening ear when you are in crisis and urgently need to talk to someone

Dial: 116-123

Crime Prevention, Victim & Legal Support

Personal Development, Language & Work