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Home-School Support Worker (HSSW)

Many families face challenging periods or a range of difficulties and may be in need of support, advice or guidance to overcome these. At Whybridge we recognise that we are in a unique position, as a school, to identify and support children and families with difficulties or barriers to education in order to help all children have the fullest access to opportunities.

When could I contact the HSSW?


  • to talk through family difficulties or situations 
  • to think about and plan to overcome barriers to education
  • for sign-posting and referrals to other organisations and community groups
  • for advice around parenting or setting good routines
  • to liaise with other school staff
  • for support with family budget setting and financial support services
  • to find networking opportunities with other families and parents
  • to talk about attendance issues and possible solutions
  • to talk about mental health support and accessing relevant services
  • for advice and guidance contacting external support services and agencies


and much more!

Home School Support Worker Leaflet

Contact our HSSW: Mrs Meeks

Please leave your contact details with a brief message and Mrs Meeks will get back to you. Please note that she works part time (Monday, Wednesday and Friday); if you have an urgent enquiry please see the contact page for other members of staff who may be able to help.

We recognise that it can sometimes feel difficult or seem daunting to reach out for support or share your personal circumstances with staff at the school. The information that you share will be kept confidential and staff will only share this in-line with the school's safeguarding and data protection policy.


Your consent will be sought for making referrals to external, supportive organisations. On the, rare, occasion the school is required to share personal information without consent this will be with statutory organisations in order to safeguard and protect a child where gaining consent would put the child at risk.

HSSW Seasonal Spotlight - Christmas update


The Christmas period can be an exciting time for families and children. The expectation for this time to be merry and bright may not match the reality and Christmas can be a difficult time for many. Please remember that all children and families are different and try to not compare yourself to others.


Please see some links to websites and organisations that provide support, guidance and advice over the Christmas break:



Mental health – Mind

Homelessness and housing - Shelter

Parenting and family support – Family Lives

Cost of living support - Havering


Please see below links to the HSSW leaflet for parents and lunchtime clubs for children.