Infant School

'Learning together to make a difference'

Visitors & Contractors

As a school we believe it is really important for our pupils to experience as wide a range of knowledge and expertise from as many different contexts as we can possibly provide.  This includes inviting members of the public, wider community and expert guests into school to share their knowledge and passions with the children.  Examples include: authors, farmers and zoologists, key service workers, family members and expert instructors.  All of our visitors are checked and vetted before being able to work in school and risk assessments are carried out to ensure that there is appropriate supervision at all times.


Sometimes in school we require contractors to come and work here in order to keep the school functioning and providing the best education in the best environment possible.   These include catering staff, supply teachers, temporary staff, specialist service providers, maintenance workers etc.  Again all of these contractors are vetted and risk assessed before being allowed to work here and wherever possible we use approved or recommended suppliers for such workers.


Photo identification is checked in the office and all visitors are provided with safeguarding instructions and a security badge to prove that they have been checked through the office.  Any strangers found on site without a security badge would be challenged by staff.


To see some of our most recent exciting visits please go to our news and photos page or twitter account linked here: