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Havering Local Authority & Children's Services

The London Borough of Havering is a municipality in East London covering Romford, Hornchurch, Upminster, Collier Row and Rainham.  It is locally governed by the council (a body elected by residents from across the whole of the borough in electoral wards) and as such, is the recognised local authority (LA).  It administers council tax, business rates and government grants to deliver local services and establish departments with employed staff to run those services.  One of these departments is Children's Services which, along with other duties, is responsible for schools and education in the borough.


Whybridge Infants is a community school maintained by the LA.  This means that they fund, support and oversee us with representation on our Governing Board.  The LA sets the instrument of government for the board which specifies the board's constitution and membership (this can be viewed on the governor page under the 'staff and other adults' menu).  The LA sets many of our policies and is responsible for certain pupil arrangements in the area such as admissions, transitions, safeguarding and free school meals.


To find more information about the local authority, it's departments and children's services or to contact your local ward councillor visit their website linked here: