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Uniform & Equipment

Why do we have a school uniform?

  • School uniforms give a sense of community identity - we are all in this together
  • School uniforms help with routine and make getting ready for school easier - you don't have to worry about choosing what to wear and you always know which items needs to be clean and ready in advance
  • School uniforms promote safety and learning - they are appropriate for the task and weather, are non-distracting, and make it quicker for staff to identify pupils when out on trips etc
  • School uniforms promote equality and prevent bullying - pupils feel the same and are not worried or jealous about having the latest expensive trends
  • School uniforms prevent expensive fashion items from being damaged, lost or stolen
  • School uniforms help with good discipline - studies have shown that schools with uniforms in general have better discipline than schools which do not, they are a visible sign of following school rules
  • School uniforms set a standard of dress - preventing inappropriate clothing and embarrassing situations
  • School uniforms encourage respect for traditions, high expectations for self, and professional attitudes for the future - pupils learn to accept responsibility for dressing appropriately to their situation

Essential Equipment

  • Navy book bag - with school logo
  • Water bottle
  • Warm, water-proof coat in cold/ wet weather
  • Sun cap in hot weather




  • Jewellery (other than a plain watch) should not be worn please.  However if your child has newly pierced ears, studs should be covered with micropore tape for safety
  • Branding/ logos/ images/ text/ patterns etc. should not be worn please.
  • We recommend having more than one of each uniform item (below) to ensure that clothes are clean every day


Girls' Uniform 

Boys' Uniform 

Navy sweatshirt/ fleece/ cardigan

(plain or with school logo)

Navy sweatshirt or fleece

(plain or with school logo)

White/ pale-blue blouse or polo shirt

(plain or with school logo)

White/ pale-blue shirt or polo shirt

(plain or with school logo)

Grey skirt, tailored trousers or pinafore

Grey trousers

Grey/ white/ navy tights or socks

Grey/ white/ navy socks

Black shoes

(without laces, unless the pupil can tie them)

Black shoes

(without laces, unless the pupil can tie them)

Summer Options 

Summer Options 

White/ pale-blue short-sleeved blouse

White/ pale-blue short-sleeved shirt

Blue and white checked dress

Grey shorts

Black/ white/ navy sandals

Summer options are non-compulsory.

These options have no fixed start/ end period.

Pupils should be dressed

according to the weather.


PE Kit

The following items should be in school during term times, in a simple bag:

  • White t-shirt - round neck, no buttons (plain or with school logo)
  • A pair of plain black shorts
  • A pair of plain black gym plimsolls
  • Navy track suit in cold weather (plain or with school logo)


Lost Property

  • Pupils all wear the same uniform and often remove their sweatshirts etc throughout the day.  It is therefore essential that EVERY item your child owns in school has their name on it.  There are many online companies who produce iron-on name tags for this purpose at a reasonable price - however a good permanent marker on the label works just as well.
  • If your child has mislaid an item please speak to your class teacher or contact the office to look through the lost property box.

Where to get your child's uniform (and where to donate old uniforms)

Plain items listed above can be purchased from most supermarkets/ high street clothing or uniform specialist shops.  Pre-owned uniforms are available on the link below and items bearing the official school logo can be purchased on the lower links.

Need help to afford your child's uniform?

See the link below for services that may be able to help you with school costs