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Making contact after Havering have offered your child a place with us

Accepting an offer at our school


Annual Reception Intake:

Offers for the annual September bulk intake of new reception pupils happens in April.  If your child is offered a place with us we will contact you directly over the next few weeks to confirm that you have accepted the place and to invite you to a welcome meeting (see below) with other parents and to complete your paperwork and meet your child for the first time.


In-Year Transfers:

If your child is offered a place at our school by the local authority they will inform us within one week of notifying you (please wait one week before contacting us as we must wait for their official notification).  We will then make contact with you in that same week to confirm that you are accepting the offer and arrange a welcome meeting (see below) to complete paperwork and meet your child for the first time

At the meeting we will...


  • Verify your identity and address - you will need to bring proof of address for yourself (i.e. a phone bill/ driver's licence etc).
  • Verify the identity of your child and your parental responsibility - you will need to bring your child's full birth certificate (not the short version) and/ or any evidence of parental responsibility if you are not the birth parent.  If your child's birth was registered in Havering, you can request a copy of their full birth certificate below.
  • Issue you with information about the school in a welcome pack and ask you to complete your child's pupil information form.
  • Tell you a little more about the school, give you a tour, introduce you to key staff and answer your questions.
  • Discuss any needs that your child may have and the arrangements for their first day; such as uniform, lunch, end of day collection etc.
  • Assign your child's class and tell you the start date (September intake dates are staggered).

Rejecting an offer/ Appealing


If we have been unable to make contact with you within the permitted time frame we will inform the local authority who may choose to withdraw the offer.


If you wish to reject an offer made for your child to attend our school you simply need to tell us when we call you after being notified and we will inform the local authority of your rejection.  You can also inform the local authority directly or phone us in advance of our call to you.


If you wish to appeal (for example, because you have been offered a different school to your preference) you might have the right to appeal, but you would need to check the policy and go back to the Local Authority if you wish to do so.  The school does not manage this process.