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Suppliers & Customers (Business Information)

Sales and marketing enquiries


Email and post

Businesses are welcome to email or write to the school via traditional post if they wish to provide information about their products and have their details noted for the future.



It is school policy not to engage with suppliers who cold-call.  The office is very busy and these calls are an unwelcome distraction.  We also need to ensure that suppliers are appropriately considered and this is not possible with cold-calls.  We thank you in advance for your consideration.

Goods on approval/ free gifts


It is school policy not to accept any goods on approval.  Sending goods to us without authority will constitute a free gift to the school and transfer of ownership to us.  Staff are not permitted to authorise the receipt of goods on approval.  The sending of such goods does not confer any obligations upon the school to either pay for, return, or maintain the goods to any standard.  Furthermore, the school will not accept liability for any loses or costs associated with goods sent on approval.


Staff are public servants and can not accept free gifts from suppliers.  The school does not authorise the sending of gifts in general and any free gifts sent to the school or members of staff will become the property of the school rather than the individual.  The school reserves the right to refuse and return or dispose of any free gifts sent.  Any return or disposal costs will be invoiced to the supplier (notice will be given) unless the supplier arranges for the goods to be collected/ disposed of themselves.

Terms and conditions on purchase orders we issue to suppliers


  • Variations in price or specification must be advised before dispatch (otherwise delivery of goods/ initial point of service will constitute acceptance of the order as it stands)
  • The conditions of contract and any special conditions of contract relating to this order must be listed and adhered to.
  • Samples are only approved on condition that the bulk will be supplied in accordance with them.
  • We will be indemnified against the consequences if any alleged infringements of patent, trade mark or registered design involved in the use or make of the goods or any legal obligation arising from any defect in the goods.
  • A delivery note quoting the Order No. must be forwarded with any item supplied. Failure to quote order numbers may delay payment.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to accept any goods which are not delivered to our specifications.
  • An invoice be rendered to the address specified upon completion or part delivery quoting the Order No. (Emailed invoices are preferred – Failure to quote order numbers may delay payment. Where order numbers are quoted across all documents, payment (or initial query) will be made within the legal time frame of 30 days for all invoices as specified by the government – see

Terms and conditions on invoices we issue to customers


  • All invoices must be paid (or queried) within 1 calendar month of the date on the invoice (unless some other arrangement has been agreed in advance).
  • For the majority of our income VAT is not applicable.  However where it is applicable it will be added to invoices as appropriate.
  • Payment by BACS is preferred and payment details are included on the invoice.  The school has more than one account for it's different types of activity, so to avoid payments going to the wrong account the details are not published here - please check your invoice or contact the school if you need clarification.

Remittance Advice


to us from customers

Please ensure that you send any remittances to and quote any relevant invoice numbers to avoid your payment being misallocated or a delay in allocation and reminder statements being sent.


from us to suppliers

Automated remittances are issued from   Please ensure that this address is not blocked to avoid missing our advice statements.  Please note that this is not a 'live' account and is not checked.  If you wish to reply you should do so on the office account above.  Thank you.

Key contact for accounts


The school office is the first point of contact for all school business accounts.  Invoicing and finance queries must be addressed to the school office rather than an individual staff member in order to avoid delays in payment/ query resolution and ensure an appropriate audit trail.

Pecuniary Interests


The school administers public funds to operate its key functions.  This responsibility requires any relationships between staff/ governors and the businesses we engage to be declared.  Relationships which include family/ friends/ professional involvement with a particular business must be declared prior to any transactions or services being agreed.  A register is kept of such known interests which is updated annually, but interests which have not yet been recorded in this register should be declared at the point of initial enquiry.  Please contact the school business manager if you have any queries or concerns in this regard.